Welcome to Marshall Junior High School! Listed below are names and e-mail addresses of all of our teachers and staff. Please feel free to contact anyone below with concerns regarding your student. If you would like to speak to someone directly, you are always welcome to call our office at 903-927-8830. Thank you for your support of our students and our staff!

ALFORD, Veronica Teacher - Life Skills 
ANDERSON, Tina Teacher - SPED Co Teach
ASHCRAFT, Sarah Teacher - Science
BELL, Margie Instructional Coach
BLACKMON, Wesley Teacher - Mathematics
BOOTH, Jamie Teacher - Mathematics
BOYD, Marnell Teacher - ELA
BRAY, Marjorie Teacher - Science
BROWN, Lawrence Instructional Aide
CAMPBELL, Shirley Instructional Aide
CARTER, Travis
Teacher - Social Studies
CHITWOOD, Laurie Teacher - Mathematics
CHRISTMAS, Lynsey Teacher - ELA
CLAIBORNE, Lashenquita Teacher - ELA
CLEVELAND, Kory Teacher - Orientation
CONLEY, Yulonda Teacher - Mathematics
COTTON, Chance Teacher - Orientation
COVER, Millard Teacher - ELA
CROCKETT, Delia Teacher - Career Exploration
DALME, Brenda Counselor
DALTON, Lauren Teacher - Career Exploration
DAVENPORT, Teresa Instructional Aide
DAVIS, Shirley Teacher - ELA
DAVITTE, Dale Teacher - Science
DICKINSON, Emily Teacher - History
DOERFLER, Stephen Teacher - Science
DURHAM, Wenjuan Teacher - Math
ELROD, Megan Teacher - Math
EPPS, Evelyn Teacher - SPED Co Teach
EVANS, Sheri
Teacher - SPED Co Teach
FENTON, Donald Assistant Principal
FERGINS, Dana Interventionist
FRANKLIN, Dorothy Teacher - ELA
FRANKLIN, Beverly Teacher - Life Skills
FRAZIER, Sharonda Teacher - Science
FRIDAY, Sharlett Instructional Aide
FRIERSON, Sheila Instructional Aide
GARCIA, Vicki Teacher - ESL
GARY, Stephanie Teacher - SPED Co Teach
GATLIN, Brittany Teacher - Science
GEORGE, Detra Instructional Aide - Library
GILLIARD, Keith Teacher - Orientation
GODWIN, James Instructional Coach
GORDON, Clarissa Teacher - Mathematics
GRIEDER, Isaac Teacher - Science
GUERRERO, Kevin Assistant Principal
HAMILTON, Burnette Secretary  to Assist. Principal
HANKS, Adrianne Teacher - SPED/Mathematics
HARGRAVE, Karrie Teacher - Theater/Dance
HENDERSON, Marla Nurse - LVN
HENDERSON, Donnis Teacher - Choir/Fine Arts
HOLLINGSHEAD, Lena Teacher - Mathematics
HOLMES, Vencil Teacher - Social Studies
HORN, Kayla Teacher - ELA
HULSCHER, Denise Teacher - ELA
JACKSON, Charles Teacher - Orientation
JACKSON, Jensen Teacher - Physical Education
JOHNS, Heather Teacher - English
JOHNSON, Sheenah Assistant Principal
JOHNSON, Jasmine Teacher - AVID
JOHNSON, Shirley Teacher - ELA
JOHNSON, Bryten Teacher - Science
JONES, Arnita PEIMS - Registrar
JONES, Alice Teacher - History
JONES, Marcus Teacher - Physical Education
JUNG, Jason Interventionist
LANEY, Leslie Teacher - Choir/Fine Arts
LEBRON, Rafael Teacher -  Spanish
LEICK, Amy Teacher - SPED Co Teach
LEVINTHAL, Asher Teacher - Science
MALDONADO, Carlos Teacher - Band/Fine Arts
MARTIN, Yolonda Principal
MATHEWS, Deana Instructional Aide
McCARTY, Lauren Teacher - Mathematics
McCARTY, Yvonne Teacher - ELA
McCHRISTIAN, Sandra Teacher - CTE
McELWEE, Jonathan Teacher - History
McFARLAND, Demetria Instructional Aide
McQUEEN, Steve Teacher - History
MOORE, Carol Teacher - ELA
MUNOZ, Wendy PEIMS Clerk
NORRIS, Kasey Teacher - Physical Education
O'BRIEN, Crystal Teacher - History
PHILLIPS, Becky Teacher - Art/Fine Arts
PIPPINS, Linda Instructional Aide
PRADIA, Brent Teacher - Physical Education
PRADIA, Naomi Teacher - Health
PRICE, Megan Teacher - Science
REED, Salin Teacher - Physical Education
REINTS, Cathy Teacher - Mathematics
ROBINSON, Bryce Teacher - Mathematics
SANDAHL, Sharon Counselor
SCOTT, Jasper Instructional Aide
SHARP, Carolyn Teacher - SPED/Mathematics
SHEPPARD, Laura Secretary to Principal
SHIVERS, June Teacher - ESL
SINCLAIR, Theresa Teacher - Mathematics
SMITH, Jennifer Child Nutrition Manager
SPARKS, Francine Academic Dean
STEWART, Joshua Teacher - History
STONE, Dallas Teacher - History
STUART, Marissa Teacher - Science
SWANK, Sarah Teacher - Career Exploration
TEMPLEMAN, Willard Teacher - Orientation
THOMPSON, John Teacher - History
VALENTINE, Katina Secretary to Counselor
VAN DYKE, Michelle Teacher - Physical Education
WHITEHEAD, Austin Teacher - History
WILLIAMS, Kathryn Nurse - LVN
WILLIAMS, Beverly Teacher - Mathematics
WILLIAMS, Cordarius Teacher - Orientation
WILSON, Tiffany Teacher - History
WINKLEY, Tawillia Instructional Aide
WOMACK, Jennifer Teacher - Strings/Fine Arts
ZELLER, Aaron Teacher - Band/Fine Arts
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